10 things you might want to know about great teams (and organisations)

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From Thomas Schulte

Are you working in an excellent team? Does your organisation have a culture of excellence regarding team work?

Here are ten ways to find out:

  1. Great organisations are firmly grounded on a meaningful idea and a significant purpose, both of which are implemented over time by a sequence of highly motivating goals.
  2. These goals are defined in a challenging way and can only be achieved by excellent teams and an organisation made up of a team of teams.
  3. Organisational goals are thereby given preference to individual goals. As in sports, when someone could shoot but passes the ball to someone else who is in a better position with a better chance of scoring.
  4. Everyone in the team strongly believes in common success and is not discouraged by setbacks. There is no blaming others for mistakes and acceptable risks are not avoided because of a fear of failure.
  5. Everyone works on their individual strengths and weaknesses related to these goals and in a way that supplements the strengths and weaknesses of the other team players.
  6. Teams meet regularly to improve their team’s effectiveness.
  7. People from other teams and even complete other teams help each other out if needed, even though that’s not specifically included in their job description.
  8. There is an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect and an open and authentic language. Feedback is given instantaneously and regularly, irrespective of hierarchical position.
  9. Successes are always celebrated. There are well accepted customs and practices to encourage each other and to overcome crisis and setbacks or defeats.
  10. Teams and individuals receive coaching on a regular basis.