Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 12 – end)

Now back in Berlin and taking a moment to reflect on the differences and similarities in training in developed and undeveloped countries. Which issues dominate? Which have no cultural boundaries? Management training provides information that supports the values and cultural norms of a company along, as well as builds new… mehr >

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 11)

1st Year Hospitality College Teaching For 12 mornings I am teaching classes at a Swiss Affiliated college in Kathmandu. The CEO himself had Swiss training and is hoping to develop the hospitality in Nepal to rival that in Switzerland. Like Switzerland, Nepal is a land locked mountainous country has turned… mehr >

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 10)

MBA Graduating Students – Employability The concepts of apprenticeships or Part Time jobs are not common in Nepal. Students frequently go straight from the College to their Masters Degree with no work experience. During their Masters Degree study they do have one internship where they are placed in different businesses. mehr >

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 9)

Hospitality Training For the next 12 school days I will be working in a Hospitality College that teaches 19 and 20 year olds for 3 years, before they do a 1 year international internship that helps them learn how to work in a 5 star hotel. During my 6 weeks… mehr >

Coaching für Thomas Middelhoff

Von Thomas Schulte Thomas Middelhoff wird sein Weihnachtsfest wohl hinter Gittern verbringen. Das ist dramatisch, insbesondere wenn man sich vergegenwärtigt, dass er nur einer von vielen gestrauchelten Top-Managern ist. Lang ist die Liste der immer wieder vorgebrachten Ursachen: Narzissmus, der alle Kritiker verstummen ließ; Größenwahn, der jegliche (Selbst-)Zweifel im Keim… mehr >

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 8)

Communication Skills for Diversity Training. On September 9th, I spoke with 14 participants at different levels of the client organisation about the difference between horizontal training and vertical training. The intention of the exercise was to identify the key principles of each participant in ways that helped build their understanding… mehr >

Führen in der Krise

Von Thomas Schulte Können Sie sich daran erinnern, was auf den Notfallschildern in Hotelzimmern oder in Flugzeugen ganz oben steht? „RUHE BEWAHREN“. Das macht Sinn, denn wenn plötzlich der Alarm ertönt, kann man leicht die Orientierung verlieren. Schlimmer noch: Bei Stress können Menschen nicht mehr klar denken. Nachdenken würde hier… mehr >

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 7)

Training in a Development Organization: Today was the sales meeting with an European Aid organization to see if I am the right trainer for their requirements. They had read my bio and thought I might be able to help them with diversity training. I have friends who are diversity… mehr >

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 6)

Training Mid level Managers Delegation skills:     On August 20th I had a briefing from the HR Director for the mid level managers of an International company (please see here for more details). Since that briefing, I have now conducted 3 separate days of training with… mehr >

Gender Bias in the Workplace – you don’t even know it’s there!

From Christine Baines Inequality and discrimination, whether based on gender, race, religion or sexuality receives much discussion, training, legal challenges and pages of print, but how much focus is given to the fact that much discrimination is completely unconscious? Treating this issue as more political correctness or blaming others,… mehr >